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DAGMEN is a modern adventure game engine which allows you to play in a main story by real pictures, animations, sounds and texts. After you play you can add your own episode with your own scanes adhering to the main story. 


The main story has a main character. Character should survive in the story, his/her choices, people and whole episode may affect to the other episodes. Character should earn money by doing sub quests to go faster, to improve himself and to do quests. Character also should improve his/her stats. 

The main story includes episodes and each episode has its main quest. Completing an episode improves character's physics and behavior. Story is unknown but well known by the main author only. Episode authors should start and end the episode in accordence with the main story and its main character. Episodes are also unknown but known by the episode authors. 

DAGMEN is a modern adventure game including real life pictures, animations and sounds. 

Key Features: 
Modern adventure game. 
Real life pictures, animations and sounds 
Very big main story with a main character and many episodes 
Episodes may be added by players