DAGMEN Engine Details

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DAGMEN Engine Details

Postby yimmasabi » Sun May 08, 2016 10:59 am

Hello everyone,

DAGMEN is a Digital Adventure Game Maker and also a Network connects people to have more fun. We are coding the engine in C++ Builder XE 10.1 programming language and engine will be available via Steam on Windows 32/64bit. We are also coding game play engine in C++ Builder XE 10.1 programming language using with FireMonkey Platform. That means DAGMEN game play application will support Windows 32/64bit, Mac-OS 32/64bit, Android and İOS. Our first goal is Windows 7/10 and Android operating systems for the early stages, after the beta stage game play will support iOS too. Mac and other operating systems will follow the release. XBox / PlayStation and other consoles are not considered yet but if we see a high support about the game we would like to release on those operating systems too.

DAGMEN is a realtime adventure game maker. That means when you upload a photo and after adding some actions about it in your first episode, you may test/run it on pc and mobile. It will have very simple menus and tools to upload photos, videos and creating details about your story and effects will be done by engine.

We are a small company but we have more than 25 years of coding and we have great ideas on this game. We need your support to make dreams come true. Please support us by buying game and other packages from Steam.

Feel free to share your ideas, and bravely you can criticize our application.

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