[Official] 000 Destredge - Main Story

This is a main official game story
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[Official] 000 Destredge - Main Story

Postby yimmasabi » Sun May 08, 2016 10:29 am

Main Story: Ataman is a computer engineer and just finished university in Eskisehir, Turkey and he wants to apply to a master program in USA. He needs money to go USA and he should sum enough money before he apply. He also likes photography and space. He is a very cultural don't know that he is the only one who may help the world.

View: First Person View
Requires: Real Photos and Videos
Time: Current Time (2016-2020)
Characters: Normal Persons
Story Line: Infinitive
- FullHD (1920x1080) FPS Photos (No 3D Screen shots, renders are required), any devices including mobiles can be used, but shots should be clear
- HD Videos less than 1 minute
- Shots should be first person view
- Character is a white european man and only hands of characters may be visible
- Episode creators may role like a friend of the char
- Every Episode should require at least one cultural detailed information. E.g. how to cook a traditional meal there, history of city, how internal composition engine works, detail of a new technique about painting etc..

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