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DAGMEN Official Main Story - Destredge

Posted: Sun May 08, 2016 11:16 am
by yimmasabi
Destredge is our official main story, it is a very big story about the world, we want all the world join to this story. Time of the story is current time that means you can add your friends and your current region into this story, you don't need any costumes about 1800's etc. or you don't need high technological things like spaceships, laser guns etc. :D So everything may be used from our current time. Except dreams :)


So you can add your own episodes to the main story in its rules. You may add many different stories. For example our character is flying to the NewYork airport,USA but plane may have damage and land to the Munich Airport in Germany. So a new episode will start there and German players may add their own episodes there.

In Destredge main story language is worldwide. So characters may use their own language but English subtitles are the only must. We want you use your own language, with your region because we want world to see your culture.


Shots should be good if they are taken by a professional camera and a tripod with human eyeview height (160-165cm) would be good. But you can take photos and videos by using your mobile. Yeah we don't need professionals but shots should be clear.


Destredge will be the only main story during the alpha and beta stages of the DAGMEN game engine.